X-Haulted Trading and Projects

X-Haulted is a 100% black-owned by Mr Collins Soko which is an innovative and growing company delivering well needed services specialising in turnkey services to manufacture, procure, maintain and circulate protective covers (D-Pillars, side-sill covers, centre console protectors, carpets covers, fender covers etc) in assembly plant.

The also maintain, refurbish and renew stillages, stillage covers and curtains using canvass material, forklift seats, jigs/robots covers, plant sockets covers, etc.


To provide a value added and above average returns for our stakeholders and to clients. To be one the leading black let manufacturing and supplier companies in our country providing value add services to our clients with utmost excellence.


X-haulted Trading and Projects is dedicated to offer a holistic services and projects is to create a platform for young people, women and disabled people to participate in the main stream economy and to participate in this growing economy.


We communicate and operate our organisation with integrity, respect, trust and confidentiality.

What we offer

We communicate and operate our organisation with integrity, respect, trust and confidentiality.

  • To ensure customer satisfaction.
  • To ensure that customer service is not compromised. To form partnership with other companies.
  • To build the capacity of staff.
  • To participate in both private & public sectors.
  • To register with relevant bodies.
  • To create employment opportunities for young people.

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